Wipe Car



Car Scratch Repair Tool Cloth Nano Material Surface Rags For Automobile Light Paint Scratches Remover Scuffs For Car Accessories

Repairable scratches

Nail scratches of door handles
Scratch is deep but not wide
Lacquer hurt with slight scratches
Scraped with other vehicle’s paint
Slight scratches
Moderate blushing scratches
Matt caused by touch-up painting
Moderate scratches
Sand scratches
Unrepairable scratches
Expose primer
Expose black plastic
Expose big area of primer
Obvious cratering when hand touching
Peeling to the bottom ash
Deep scratches

Product description

This product should be first used on a small hidden area to test for compatibility !

Material: polyester fiber cloth
Color: black
Size: 200*100*2mm
suitable for all colors of the car.
used for about 10-15 times
Easy to use, easy to carry.