• 360 degree rising strong suction
  • Easy to clean, no dust
  • Prevent the waste from floating
  • All kinds of slag are all sucked away

Flat nozzle vacuum: vacuum all kinds of micro-dust in the space, even the most difficult to clean keyboard space or door space, etc., can easily suck the dirt out of any corner without letting go
High suction power: Hair Buster: Easily suck pet hair and other common garbage
Design: nylon brush, spiral blade
Small body and large capacity: the size of the palm of the hand, but it hides a huge garbage storage tank, and a high-quality filter prevents the inhaled dust from leaking
Clean up the scraps Rotate the lid: turn counterclockwise to open the bottom cover of the scraps, you can clean the scraps, after finishing aligning the card slot, turn clockwise to close
Stable and reliable: using high-quality materials, stable connection, safe and reliable, small and compact appearance,
Lightweight and portable: the design is small and light, and does not occupy too much

Battery type: AAA*2 (delivery without battery)
Battery voltage: 3V
Input power: 3W
colour: blue
Material: ABS
size: 86x86x115mm

Package Contents: