Ultra M2 PRO



1. Super suction, can absorb almost everything from small particles to large fragments, easy to absorb dust, hair, paper, and reduce the pollution of PM2.5.
2. Use upgraded anti-collision and anti-fall smart sensor technology to guide the robot vacuum cleaner to recognize obstacles and avoid being hit and falling from the stairs.
3. It supports up to 75 minutes of quiet but powerful suction cleaning, and UV disinfection. Large cleaning range: the cleanable area is up to 150 square meters.
4. The .7cm ultra-thin design allows this cleaner to work in narrow spaces, such as sliding under and around the bottom and corners of beds, sofas, furniture, etc. for thorough cleaning.

Material: ABS
Charging method: USB charging
Power: 3W
Voltage: 3.7V
Normal charging time: 150 minutes
Working time: 75 minutes
Clean area: 150 square meters
Product size: 26*26*7CM