Why is Tvidler the best standard cotton swab?

Cotton swabs are BAD for your ears and you know it!

Cotton swabs are not designed to clean the ear, they actually do the opposite: they push wax into the ear canal without removing it. They can also damage the inner ear. Signs and symptoms of this condition include dizziness, ringing in the ears, pain and hearing loss.

Don’t risk your health: use this revolutionary tool instead

Tvidler offers a much safer and useful alternative to clean your ears. Not only does it reach deeper than a cotton swab can reach, but it spins to more effectively remove wax that builds up on the walls of the ear canals. The Tvidler tool removes dry wax that has been left stuck to the inside of the ear, along with any other residue.





360° PROTECTION: It protects your ear from earwax build-up. The flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes earwax.

TOP QUALITY: The Tvidler wax remover is manufactured with top quality plastic

ULTRA SOFT SILICONE: The coiled head is made of high quality soft silicone, to avoid damaging your ear canal.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Its award-winning design ensures a secure, comfortable grip



Insert the tip into the ear


Spin and pull to remove the wax


Replace or clean the top


Affordable tool

Tvidler can be shared. When you buy one unit of Tvidler you will receive a set of 6 soft tips.

While developing the Tvidler tool, we tried to be environmentally friendly: as the tool is designed to last a lifetime, you won’t be adding to the growing build-up of plastic waste, as is the case with cotton buds. What’s good for nature is also good for your wallet: a single purchase will clean your ears for a long time.