Electric neck massager with six operating modes, device for relaxation, pain relief, infrared and heating system, power control, health care, perfect for a gift.
Note: the vibration is invisible to the naked eye, only by placing it around your neck you can feel it at work.

1. Please account for 2pcs AAA batteries (not included);
2. Enable the button;
3. Press the “” on “” button. You will check the “” red “indicator and then change the mode;
4. Bring the neck massager for the neck;
5. Press the “High” button until you feel an electric shock.

This device uses electric current to stimulate the muscles to achieve the purpose of the massage. There are 6 modes in total. 15 strengths. The intensity is too low to feel noticeable. When the intensity reaches a certain level. You will feel an electric shock.
Recently, many buyers say they don’t work. After our verification, the situation is as follows. This massager has a total of 15 levels, when the massager is turned on, the intensity may be too low to feel very small. At this time, you can press “high” to increase the intensity.