Snoral‘s magnet holds your nostrils open making breathing easier and quieter.

Snoring is caused by numerous factors, one of those is disordered breathing. With our Snoral you will unblock your nostrils, increasing airflow and relieving pressure on the respiratory and circulatory system.

✔️ A simple and easy way to prevent snoring to enjoy endless nights of peaceful sleep.
✔️ Great gift for a friend who has a snoring problem with its beautiful Mirror Lid protection case.
✔️ Non-toxic and tasteless so you can breathe easier.
✔️ The magnets inside the nose clip help open the nasal passage which helps prevent snoring!
✔️ When you sleep the muscles in your mouth and throat relax.

Item Type: Sleep & Snoring ring
Package Weight: 0.024kg (0.05lb.)
Material: Silicone

How To Use:
1. Use it for several nights to allow your nose and mouth to adapt
2. Clean your Snoral well after each use with soap and water; always store it in a clean, dry environment
3. Be very careful with internal magnets; do not swallow them.