Give your WiFi more range with RangeXTD and experience the WiFi you’ve always dreamed of. Eliminate annoying internet dead spots in your home and get fast 2.4G data transfer up to an amazing 300Mbps! And the best part? You won’t need to shell out more cash upgrading your existing ISP package.

No one enjoys spotty WiFi that drops off in the middle of your favorite movie or causes endless buffering. RangeXTD extends your existing WiFi signal and super-boosts your internet for amazing performance. Have a full stable 5 bar WiFi connection absolutely anywhere in your home!

Simply plug it into a wall outlet, connect it to your home modem, and it will start boosting your signal range for the absolute best performance. That’s it! Enjoy the WiFi you’ve always dreamed of!

  1. Provides a secure and stable internet connection
  2. No monthly costs
  3. Lightning-fast speeds up to 300Mbps
  4. Covers your entire home and more
  5. Secure WPS connection
  6. Compact and Usable anywhere



POWERFUL: Fast 2.4 GHz data transfer up to 300Mbps! RangeXTD super-boosts WiFi signal range and eliminates ‘dead zones’ for the best performance.

EFFORTLESS TO USE: Plug and play functionality makes RangeXTD the perfect WiFi booster for absolutely anyone. You’ll be enjoying better WiFi in minutes.

SECURE: User-friendly and completely secure WPS connectivity button for WPS-enabled modems means your sessions are safe from prying eyes.

AMAZING WIFI PERFORMANCE: Enjoy lightning-fast WiFi signal speeds up to 300 Mbps.

EXTENDED WIRELESS COVERAGE: Broadcast a faster, stronger signal to every corner of your house!

POWERFUL ANTENNAS: The two antennas send a signal through walls and floors.

PLUG AND PLAY FUNCTIONALITY: You’ll be enjoying better WiFi in minutes.

ON-THE-GO DESIGN: Compact and portable, RangeXTD is as good on vacation or at the office as it is at home.

NO ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEES: Super-boost your WiFi range without costly ISP upgrades or additional monthly fees

SECURE CONNECTION: Provides a secure and stable internet connection for superior performance

EASY SET UP ANYWHERE: Perfectly portable for on-the-go use and ideal for hotels, business trips, or vacationing