When people use cotton swabs or q-tips they frequently clean out some of the wax, but also push some of it back deeper into the medial canal which cannot remove it well. It can get pushed up against the tympanic membrane (eardrum) and cause impactions that can impair hearing, can lead to infection, and can be painful/difficult to remove. Q-Grips Fixes This Problem! With the spiral head and turning motion, the Q-Grips removal tool pulls out the earwax trapped deep inside without any pushing or pressure motion inwards. Everything just gets pulled out!




EASY TO USE: With plenty of replaceable tips, all you need to do is snap one in place, insert into your ear, and twist in the direction shown on the handle. Clean off the spiral tip or snap on a new one and you’re ready to go again!

CLEANS AND MASSAGES: Say goodbye to disgusting earwax and soothe your inner ear with the soft spiral tips! They bend and adapt to any inner ear type, so they are perfect for all!

NO MORE Q TIPS: Stop using damaging cotton swab q-tips that can scar or rupture inner ear membranes and start fresh with the Q-Grips Earwax Removal Tool!

Easy to use earwax removal tool that won’t harm our ear canal!


Made with top quality plastic compounds that are non toxic, highly durable, and eco-friendly.


Gentle massaging tip is proven to be better for you compared to cotton Q-Tips.