Polar Air



This upgraded evaporative air cooler comes with better performance of refrigeration, humidification, and air purification, with adjustable 3 levels wind speed, portable, and applicable to mobile power bank or PC by USB besides AC power supply.

Fresh & Pleasant Time: The sun cannot stop you with this portable air cooler.

The cooler cools the air around by evaporating, and then humidifies the air to avoid the terribly dry air.

It is much pleasant than the desk fan but not so cold as air conditioner.

7 Colours of LED Atmosphere Lights:The built-in LED atmosphere lights, with adjustable 7 different colours of LED lights, are perfect for night sleep.

Press the Light Function button to switch the colour in 7 lights or turn the lights off after 7 adjust (turn one the air cooler first). Besides the 7 adjustable warm colours, the low sound of working and spraying is never the “killer” of your sleep now.

Considerate Design & Functions: It is portable not only because it is mini and light-weighted, but also because the hidden handle, which makes the mini cooler fan easy to carry anywhere.

The 3 levels of wind speed allows you to choose your speed according to the hot/dry weather around.

One tank of water is usually for 4-6 hours of cooling.



Working Currency: 2A

Input Voltage: 5V

Resetting Power: 6-15W

Capacity: 480ml

Cooling Temperature Range: locally 3-10 Celsius

Material:ABS Size:15 x 15.2 x 18.5cm

Package Contents:

1 * Air Cooler

1 * USB Cable