Peppy Pet Ball



If you are looking for something to entertain your pets to get rid of boredom and anxiety, then look no further. Just click on the wireless remote control and our automatic Peppy Pet Ball will go into action on its own to play with your pets.
The Peppy Pet Ball will automatically change its direction when you hit a wall, chair, etc. No extra help required, all you need to do is turn the ball on and off and use the controller to make a lot of fun for your pet.

The smart pet ball features a waterproof design. Can be cleaned with water as long as the outer shell is tightly and securely closed, keep both the wicked ball and your pet clean and hygienic. It also allows your dog to have fun playing in the water as well as on land.
Entertain your pet in 5 lighting options and 3 unique interactive modes. With 360 ° automatic rotation followed by rolling direction change, non-fixed direction, and automatic sleep modes, our Peppy Pet Ball is much more interactive than other pet balls on the market.

SAFE AND DURABLE: With the unique design of the hard inner shell and soft exterior TPE and Polycarbonate, you’ll never worry about your pets’ puncturing the ball.
LIGHT UP YOUR PET’S DAY: From dark rooms to sunny days, there are so many ways to keep your furry little ones entertained with Luerpci’s 5 different light-up options! Choose from Red, Blue, Green, rotating between all 3, or have all 3 flashings!
REMOTE CONTROLLED: Change the colors and make the Luerpci jump or run with the press of a button to make it the most interesting toy in your kitty or puppers life!
IPX6 WATERPROOF RATING: Pet Ball is easy and safe to clean in the sink or tub.
DROP-RESISTANT: With drop resistance overshadowing other toys, you can row it around like a regular ball! The TPE material will protect to fall on the floor.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The Fun Never Stops with our 1000mAh battery life! Enjoy 6 hours of play.
PARTIAL TRANSPARENT SHELL: The transparent shell lets light shine through, doubling the fun your pets will have.

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Blue, Orange, Pink