The Jawzrsize can be used the second you take it out of the package. Simply unbox, attach the lanyard, pop it in and start chomping! The built-in bite strips are easy to grip and fit flush in your mouth.

For slimming, toning, and tightening your face/neck: do a few “burnout sessions”, where you rep until you simply can’t anymore.

For strengthening and build muscle in your face/neck: switch it up and focus on “time under tension”, where you bite down, hold, and slowly release your bite. A few reps goes a long way!  

Upgrade your Jawline – look younger and better with a chiseled Jawline

Slim, tone and tighten your face and neck quickly, with revolutionary and patented technology.
Practice, hands-free training – stay with you, to use on the go, in the gym, at work, wherever
Reduce Cravings: Chewing has been shown to reduce cravings, leading to more weight loss
Get a more defined face and return your youthful appearance. It takes 10 minutes a day to start to see a difference.
With enough training, rest, and nutrients, your facial muscles will grow like any other



MATERIAL: silicone

SIZE: one size

COLOR: Purple, Blue, Black

Blue level 1-40 pounds of resistance

Purple Level 2 – 50 Pound Resistance

Black level resistance 3-60 lbs