Frost AirCooler



High quality
Made of premium plastic material, durable, strong and a long lifespan is ensured, non-leak design avoids water spill out to wet the electric devices.
Water cooling function
The cooler has a 200mL water tank which enables itself to be used as an air conditioner to keep the environment damp and cool.
Portable and lightweight
Small size and lightweight, you can use it wherever you are, living room, school, office, outdoors.
The fan only emits 30db noiseless when it’s running, your rest or work won’t be disturbed by its existence.
Fast cooling process
The high speed fan can inheale the heat around into its cooling machine to quickly lower the indoor temperature.
Easy to clean
The cooler is dismountable that you can take out the built-in cooling machine for a thorough cleaning, very convenient.

Item type: cooling fan
Material: ABS + electronic units
Color: yellow
Quantity: 1pc
Capacity: 200ml
Plug: US
Noise: 30db
Refrigeration: 30s
Circulation rate: 2.7m/s
Temperature: 5-7celcius
Item size: 207*165*175mm/8.14*6.48*6.88inch(L*W*H)
Weight: 800g/28.22oz