• Motion detection/Abnormal sound: If an abnormality is found, the message will be sent to the mobile APP immediately.
  • Video local storage: The camera can be inserted into a TF card, and the video is stored locally, so there is no need to worry about leaking privacy
  • Bulb camera: This product can be used as an ordinary light bulb or as a surveillance camera. The camera in the light bulb is hard to find.
  • High-definition infrared night vision: Built-in infrared lights and highly sensitive light components automatically switch between day and night mode, and can present high-definition picture quality at night in a dark environment.
  • Scope of application: It is suitable for home, Shop,baby, pet, office monitoring security.


  • Video/hour: 0.1G
  • Resolution: 1280*960
  • AAP operating system: IOS/Android
  • Video playback: Support mobile APP playback
  • Watch on multiple phones: support 4 at the same time
  • White light illumination: automatic/manual optional
  • Main control CPU: AK3918EV200
  • Viewing angle: 360 degrees
  • Video encoding: H264
  • External expansion card: maximum support 64G
  • APP language: follow the phone
  • Recording time: 10 minutes/each segment
  • Mobile/Sound Alarm: Support mobile screenshot push notification
  • Waterproof rating: none
  • Effective distance of night vision: 5-10M
  • AP hotspot connection: support
  • colour:white
  • Material:ABS


1 x camera
1 x English manual